National Socialist Manipulation of History in Education for Nationalist purposes.

This blog describes the attempt by the Nazi party to systematically construct history in their own ideological image, to mould young Germans into loyal subjects, emotionally and metaphysically devoted to the Fatherland. 

It was a warped project without parallel scale or scope, that offers a stark warning of the dangers of state falsification of truths to fit political ideologies. A year on from writing it, I had no idea that it might prove relevant against the background of ‘fake news’ continuously doing the round in the media.  

Disagreement is appeasement: May’s stance on Trump.

Disagreement isn’t the same as opposing, speaking out, or condemning, it is appeasement. ‘Disagree’ is such a tepid word. It reminds me of when debating someone in the pub, I realise I can’t persuade someone else of my opinion or can’t win the debate but want to remain friends, so I exclaim ‘Let’s agree to disagree!’

Aleppo: The Tragic Failure of International Cooperation.

We will never be able to stop Human Rights abuses from happening, but we can try and manage them when they do. By opposing them whenever and wherever they occur, we can try to stamp out the hypocrisy plaguing international discussions and start to tackle these issues more multilaterally.

Vote Wisely.

Dictatorships sneak up from behind you, only the benefit of hindsight make them seem inevitable. Vote carefully tomorrow.

A Eulogy for European Values.

Children of different cultures, nationalities, ethnicities, and outlooks whose ancestors, decades and centuries ago, had tore each other apart in brutal continental wars, remember the past but look to the future, forming long-lasting friendships and relationships in a celebration and embracement of their differences. That, for me, is what it means to be European.